What have I learned about for you and your body? 


The hands on and off body energetic healing of Access Consciousness, massage and breathwork are the main methods I utilize in sessions. I have been loving exploring how I can help people since 2005.

My interest in the human body and what they are capable of has been present for decades. Sports since I was in elementary school, studying Kinesiology in college, kettlebell training and competitive weight lifting all added to my whole body experience and education. 

Boulder College of Massage Therapy was next and it changed my life even more! This was just the start of what has been possible with massage and energetic bodywork for me and the clients I have seen.


What else is possible for you and your body? What if there are simple tools you can use to make shift happen with ease? 

I am currently offering Access Bars®, Access Body Processes, Energetic Facelift sessions, Symphony Sessions, breathwork and massage therapy. How can I contribute to you?




We work with executives from:

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